Warning Sign
Symbols in the USA
A slideshow presentation of warning sign symbols.
Deer Crossing Warning Sign

Warning signs alert drivers to conditions that might call for a reduction of speed or an action in the interest of safety and efficient traffic operations.

Official sources for these images can be found at the Federal Highway Administration's website in their section on Standard Highway Signs. Detailed specifications are also shown within the MUTCD manual. The background color yellow is specified as pantone 116. Some of the newer signs use diamond grade fluorescent yellow-green background. Yellow-green signs may be seen on school signs, playground warnings, pedestrain crossing, and others.

Places like fonts.com will sell commercial packages of sign symbols like the ones shown here, search for highway signs on their site. I don't use these packages, so I can't comment on the quality or usefulness.

"The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and maintain traffic control devices on all streets and highways."

Warning signs shall be designed in accordance with the legends, sizes, colors, and shapes found in the "Standard Highway Signs" book. The use of symbols results in faster recognition times compared to worded signs which takes longer to comprehend. Another benefit, symbol signs can be recognized at farther distances which gives more time for the road user to react to the sign.

Wikipedia has a nice section on warning signs and lists additional graphics.

Disclaimer - This website is not an official source for road sign images. I'm not affiliated with any federal or state agencies and do not warrant that these images are accurate or free of errors.

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List of Symbols Shown

1.   Donkey Crossing
2.   Deer Crossing
3.   Bear Crossing
4.   Bighorn Crossing
5.   Cattle Crossing
6.   Cross Road
7.   Traffic Circle
8.   Horse & Buggy
9.   Elk Crossing
10. Bicycle
11. Fire Station
12. Migrating Bears
13. Moose Crossing
14. Handicap
15. Hill
16. Pedestrian Crossing
17. Equestrian
18. Farm Machinery
19. Golf Cart
20. Horse
21. Traffic Signal
22. Sheep
23. Side Road
24. Railroad Crossing
25. Playground Ahead
26. Slippery Conditions
27. School Crossing
28. Snowmobile
29. School Ahead
30. Stop Ahead
31. Tractor Crossing
32. Caribou
33. Truck
34. Added Lane
35. Double Lane
36. Right Lane Ends
37. Two-Way Traffic
38. Highway Ends
39. Falling Rocks
40. Highway Begins
41. Yield Ahead