Prohibited Activity
Symbols in the USA
A slideshow presentation of prohibited activity symbols.
No Smoking Sign
Prohibited activity signs specify activities that are not permitted by using the red universal no symbol.

These symbols are from the FHWA proposed figures for the 2009 edition of the MUTCD manual. I used CorelDraw and PhotoImpact to generate the files needed for this slideshow.

"The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), by setting minimum standards and providing guidance, ensures uniformity of traffic control devices across the nation."  Where it is necessary to indicate a prohibition of an activity or an item within a recreational or cultural interest area for non-road use, the appropriate symbol sign for
prohibited activities and items shall be used.

35. No Cans or Bottles
36. No Food or Drink
37. No Radios
38. No Ball Playing
39. No Skateboarding
40. No Alcoholic Beverages
41. No Rec. Vehicles
42. No Baby Strollers
43. No Wood Chopping
44. No Wood Gathering
45. No Gasoline
46. No Jet Ski
47. No Snowboarding
48. Do Not Feed Animals
49. Stay on Boardwalk
50. No Step
51. No In-Line Skating
52. Do Not Feed Ducks
53. Do Not Feed Squirrels
54. Do Not Feed Coyotes
55. Do Not Feed Deer
56. No Parking
57. Do Not Feed Bears
58. No Buses
59. No Snow Tubing
60. No Rafting

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List of Symbols Shown

1.   No Firearms
2.   No Camping
3.   No Trailers
4.   No Campfires
5.   No Picnicking
6.   No Downhill Skiing
7.   No Ski Jumping
8.   No Boat Launching
9.   No Motorboats
10. No Waterskiing
11. No Sledding
12. No Smoking
13. No Skating
14. No Snowmobiling
15. No Surfing
16. No Scuba Diving
17. No Swimming
18. No Diving
19. No Fishing
20. No Horses
21. No Hunting
22. No Technical Climbing
23. No Automobiles
24. No Climbing
25. No Motor Bikes
26. No Biking
27. No Off-Road Vehicles
28. No Rock Collecting
29. No Littering
30. No Wading
31. No Ice Fishing
32. No Fish Cleaning
33. No All Terrain Vehicles
34. No Pets