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A slideshow presentation of stop sign pictures.
Diamond Grade Stop

Photo above is a close up shot of a diamond grade prismatic stop sign. One of the better signs I own, purchased at USA Traffic Signs.

The pictures of stop signs shown above were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX200 in August 2009 and may not be reproduced without written consent.

The stop sign graphics shown on the right may be freely copied and used with the understanding that this website is not an official source for traffic sign images. I'm not affiliated with any federal, city, or state agencies and do not warrant that these images are accurate or free of errors. I shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of these images and/or content of this website.

Official sources for the stop sign (R1-1) graphics are found here at FHWA Standard Highway Signs (2004) and also referenced in the 2009 MUTCD manual. The pantone color for red is listed as 187. The font used is FHWA series C.

"The MUTCD contains the national standards governing all traffic control devices. All public agencies across the nation rely on the MUTCD to bring uniformity to the roadway. The MUTCD plays a critical role in improving safety and mobility of all road users."

The Wikipedia encyclopedia has a nice section on stop signs and offers a public domain version of the stop sign graphic in SVG format.

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 Stop Sign Graphics
Small Stop Sign
Stop Sign Graphic
Large Stop Sign