Traffic Sign
Pictures in the USA
A slideshow presentation of traffic sign pictures.
Speed Liimit Sign
This photo is a close up shot of a high intensity speed limit sign. One of the better signs in my collection bought online.

The pictures of traffic signs shown above were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX200 in August 2009 and may not be reproduced without written consent.

General observation when taking these traffic sign pictures, south facing signs which receive more direct sunlight exhibit more issues with fading.

33. Wrong Way Sign
34. School Speed Limit
35. No U Turn Symbol
36. Pass With Care
37. No Left Turn Symbol
38. Right Turn Only
39. One Way Right
40. Tractor Crossing
41. Cattle Crossing
42. One Lane Bridge
43. Low Shoulder
44. Bump Warning
45. Keep Right
46. Hill Warning
47. Watch Children
48. Deaf Child Area
49. Road Narrows
50. Bus Turn Around
51. Children at Play
52. Straight Only
53. Yield on Green
54. Fines Doubled
55. Stop Here on Red
56. Must Turn Left
57. No Outlet Sign
58. Winding Road
59. Low Clearance
60. Yield Ahead

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List of Pictures Shown

1.   Do Not Enter
2.   Speed Limit 30
3.   School Crossing
4.   Weight Limit 5 Tons
5.   Road Work Ahead
6.   Fire Station
7.   Dead End
8.   School Crossing
9.   Left Turn Only
10. One Way Left
11. Do Not Enter
12. Village Speed Limit
13. Pedestrian Crossing
14. One Way Left Arrow
15. Traffic Signal Ahead
16. Railroad Crossing
17. Pedestrian Crossing
18. School Warning
19. Stop Ahead Warning
20. Deer Crossing
21. Blind Child Area
22. Airport Symbol
23. Grooved Pavement
24. Reverse Curve
25. Must Turn Right
26. Right Turn Warning
27. Right Curve Warning
28. Speed Zone Ahead
29. Yield Sign
30. Crossroad Warning
31. School Bus Stop
32. Do Not Pass