Street Sign 
Pictures in the USA
A slideshow presentation of street sign pictures.
Engineer Grade Prismatic Sign
This photo is a close up shot of an engineer grade prismatic sign. One of the signs I own, purchased at USA Traffic Signs.

The pictures of street signs shown above were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX200 in August 2009 and may not be reproduced without written consent via email.

The street name signs tend to use FHWA series B or C fonts. Some cities use the newer clearview font.

General observation when taking these street sign pictures, my city likes using all uppercase lettering. Reflections in bright sunlight was only a minor issue effecting some of the shots. Optical zoom made it easy to get the shots.

29. Reserved Parking 
30. 15 Min Parking
31. Basswood Rd
32. Van Accessible
33. Handicap Parking
34. 2 Hr Parking
35. Park & Ride
36. Visitor Parking
37. Handicapped
38. No Stopping 
39. Marshland Rd
40. 3 Hr Parking
41. Front St
42. Bike Lane

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List of Pictures Shown

1.   Street Sign
2.   NP Here to Corner
3.   No Parking Here to
4.   Alternate Side Street
5.   Street Name Sign
6.   Burbank Av
7.   No parking Any Time
8.   Street Sign
9.   15 Min Parking
10. Floral Ave 
11. No Standing
12. Main St
13. Street Signs
14. Beethoven St
15. St John Av
16. No Parking Here
17. Lake Av
18. Street Signs
19. Fire Lane
20. NP This Side
21. Yield to Pedestrians
22. Vehicle ID Required
23. No Parking Any Time
24. Police
25. Parking Area
26. Library Symbol
27. No Parking Symbol
28. Handicapped Parking